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October 28th Walking With Bartram

Russell Bridge

Join us for a new round of our Walking with Bartram series hike. We're starting all over again in North Georgia, at Russell Bridge/HWY 28 at the South Carolina state line. We'll work our way through this first section to Sandy Ford Gap. This 9.5 mile section will take us along sections of the Chattooga […]

November 28th Walking With Bartram

Sandy Ford

Join us for the second section of our Walking With Bartram hike series. On Friday, November 28th, we'll start at the Sandy Ford trailhead and wind our way to Warwoman Dell. This section is just over 9 miles with some moderate ups and downs. This is your golden opportunity to burn off the rest of […]

December 28th Walking With Bartram

Warwoman Dell

One more time to get out of the house and add a great hike to your holiday routine before the end of 2022! Join us for section 3 of our Walking With Bartram hike series. This month we are continuing from Warwoman Dell on to Wilson Gap. This section is roughly 8.5 miles with some […]